1. What is a "Easy Save Card"?

"Easy Save" is a card designed to strengthen the relationship between Al Sadhan and its customers by providing different gifts and discounts, through the points’ collection by card holders. Also enables you to see the offers and discounts through SMS messages on your mobile. By owning the card you will be automatically entered in periodic raffles and prizes and take advantage of exclusive offers.

2. How do I get a card "Easy Save"?

You can easily get the Card Easy Save by visiting any of our Al Sadhan branches and request the card from the customer service.

3. Are there conditions to get the Easy Save Card?

There are no conditions to obtain Al-Sadhan Easy Save Card.

4. From when I will benefit from the Easy Save Card?

Immediately when you receive it, and points will be added to your balance after 24 Hours form the purchase.

5. What is the mechanism of collection points?

When purchasing form Al Sadhan and before the payment process, the Easy Card should be given to cashier to get the points from purchasing.

6. Does the Easy Save Card has expiry?

Yes, it has lifelong expiry. But if not using the card for a period of more than 3 months, the card will be canceled automatically.

7. Are the points obtained from “Easy Save Card” expired?

Yes, valid for a maximum of 48 months from the date of purchase, and if you have not taken advantage of points it would be canceled automatically.

8. How do I take advantage of the points in “Easy Save Card” "?

Choose your gift of your own choice and the number of points from any of our Al Sadhan branches or through the toll free number 920000546 or through the website www.al-sadhan.com.

9. How to get a replacement card in the event of loss of “Easy Save Card”?

Go to the customer service in any branch of Al Sadhan.

10. Would the balance points of the lost card be transferred to the new card?

Yes, but after verification of the accuracy of the information.

11. Can I activate the “Easy Save Card” after it has been stopped?

Yes, by contacting the customer service center and after verifying the cause suspension the card will be re-activated.

12. Can I add my purchases bill later in the “Easy Save Card” if I forgot the card?

You may not post any purchase or take advantage of the opportunity to collect points when lost or forgotten the card.

13. How do I get the PIN for the “Easy Save Card”and could I change my PIN number after that?

Upon receipt of the card, the customer enters the PIN number to his account and in the case he forgets the pin number or need to change your PIN, a new PIN number would be send to the registered mobile why applying the cards.

14. Can I check my obtained balance of points?

Yes, by contacting the toll free number for the “Easy Save Card” or by visiting the Customer Service Centers of Al Sadhan markets.

15. What is required to inquire or enforce any request on the “Easy Save Card”?

Providing of customer service employees with the number of “Easy Save Card” and your PIN

16. Are the holders of “Easy Save Card” have discounts on purchasing or a discount or special offers?

Yes, there are periodic deals and special offers are advertised on an ongoing basis through the website and the approved means of advertising to Al Sadhan Markets.

17. Can be issued more than one card to the customer by the same number for relatives?

Yes, additional two cards can be issued with the main card and any one of the parties cab use them.

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